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// you’re trying to murder me aren’t you?


// you’re trying to murder me aren’t you?

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Are you ok?

// My fatal flaw is red lipstick


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greatdetectiveofthewest said: ♡♡♡♡♡
  • He’s not overly materialistic so gifts don’t really phase him all that much. If you want to win him over tell him a story, take him out to dinner, etc; Just spend time with him.
  • Don’t try to dote affection on him in public or he’ll become very uncomfortable around you. Wait until you’re in private to hold his hand or give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He’ll be much more responsive about it.
  • He really likes when people ask him questions about himself because normally no one cares to ask. He’ll gladly talk about his favorite color or about his new jacket. They’re really petty things that actually make a world of difference to him.
  • Be good at what you do and be original about it. Nothing drives him crazier than someone that takes their talent over and beyond expectations. He’s rarely surprised so if someone says they’re “pretty good” at something and then completely nails the ability and makes it their own. He’ll be delightfully shocked.
  • He is ridiculously attracted to people who can challenge him, mentally and physically. While he doesn’t view anyone as “less than” himself, he can definitely recognize someone with similar capabilities and he finds it more attractive than anything else.
kitameguire said: "♡"
  • Generally just be nice to him. Give him attention when he’s talking and don’t make him think that he’s a bother.



Vodka ran a hand through his hair, looking at the chalk lines written on the black board on the wall. It was too early for one of these ventures, in his own sense, but when his partner demanded it… then here he was.

Standing in the old mom ‘n’ pop bake shoppe while his Aniki slept in.


Anyone who didn’t know him would probably have stared at the dark glasses that he wore, even so early in the morning, but he and his (currently absent) ‘big brother’ were practically regulars. The smell of coffee and fresh bread was so good… (especially that coffee, too early…)

But when it came to recognizing others… there would have been someone who recognized the man not for being a regular in the bakery, but someone else… Oh dear. And if Vodka had happened to look over, perhaps he would recognize askkudoushinichi as well…

Being that it was so ridiculously early in the morning, Shinichi nearly missed him. He was groggy and irritable from having been jerked awake only half an hour ago to fetch an order of pastries for his neighbor. Actually, they were for his neighbor’s surrogate daughter. She was the kind of person you wanted to keep happy if you didn’t want to wind up sedated in the basement, getting poked and prodded with needles.

He let out a heavy sigh as he entered the shop, reaching up to brush his bangs back and managing to ruffle his hair even more. Had he even remembered to brush it before he left the house? Unlikely…

Another yawn, one of many that morning, but he almost choked when he set eyes on another patron in the bakery. It took a few seconds to recognize him out of the suit and hat but he felt like he could never forget his face completely. Just the sight of him had sent a chill down his spine and his whole body stiffened. How could he even think about grabbing that order now?

Deciding that Haibara would have to wait for her sweets he took a hesitant and slow step backward, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible and praying to whatever patron god of sneaky thieves that he could escape undetected. But as fate would have (and it seemed it always would) Shinichi had bumped into rack of small snacks, nearly toppling the batch and having to grab it in order to keep it upright.

It caused a decent amount of clattering and he suddenly couldn’t bring himself to look up, though not from embarrassment. He was terrified that the noise had alerted the other to his presence and he didn’t know what to do…

// Posting here so that everyone in chat and elsewhere can see it…

My internet keeps going in and out and Skype won’t send any of my messages but I have drafts saved for Love Week an other things.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long to get these out so if you’re a partner to any one of my muses please be patient with me. I’m even willing to extend the week because of these issues so we’ll definitely still get to do it!

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Here is a familiar scene, once again a white dove pecks at your window, and just like last time you go to greet it. Though this time the envelope in its beak is closed and you must open it. After you do so you see a single name is written fancily in the middle of the card, and almost immediately the card starts to glow, warping and changing shape into what seems to be ribbon made of light. The ribbon wraps itself around your arm and painlessly tattoos itself to your skin, marking you as a target.


You are a target, your chaser is: Vodka



Being the chaser does NOT mean your partner will have to write out a full starter, they may if they  want to, but sending a starting ask is perfectly fine as well.

Please be sure you have read the guidelines and remember to respect your partner. I will also be uploading the love chart on my account and tagging it under Love Week for easy searching, so don’t worry about losing it for reference.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy Love Week!

Shinichi looked extremely unamused by the smoke and mirrors that this event was setting up with. In fact, he looked downright irritable. He had thought that this was going to be some silly Valentine’s event like they had at school every year, not a magic show.

So he shrugged it off for the time being and shooed the bird away.