"No, I wasn’. It’ my first time. That’ why ‘m so excited ‘bout it!" she said cheerfully. You easily could tell, that she wasn’t lying about it.

"Never?" he asked, almost incredulously, though he could definitely tell it was true. "You’ve really never been on a roller coaster before? …wow, you’re in for a treat."

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He didn’t have any interest in finding out? That almost hurt his pride. But somehow it wasn’t that bad either and it made the detective even more interesting. Not that pedantic when it comes to the law it seemed. Luckily his poker face was in place and didn’t show any of the thoughts flitting around in his head, what he did allow to show on his face was a slight annoyance underlining the statement: “I’d say Hakuba cuffing me to himself during a KID heist probably counts as evidence?” But then he shrugged, showing it was not his interest to pursue this topic any longer.

"I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply that you dislike him. I wouldn’t even want to talk anyone into disliking him." For a moment the magician frowned. He didn’t dislike Hakuba that much himself. What he really disliked was the rivalry… okay and that snotty behaviour he had once in a while was annoying, too. But otherwise… otherwise he didn’t know that much about his detective classmate. "But I suppose I might like that Hattori anyways." He grinned again.

"And I do like mysteries as well. Magic is a form of mystery if you ask me. But I do enjoy it as novels and movies as well." Then he chuckled. "Soccer though is a topic I have no interest in. I always thought it was rather funny that 22 people chase after one ball." Then he bowed in half-way-mock-apology. "Sorry, that was most likely a rather rude statement."

He chuckled at the comment about handcuffing him to Hakuba’s side. Shinichi had only met the other detective the couple of times but it really did seem like a very ‘Hakuba’ thing to do. It was obvious that the guy was determined, and once he found his target he would put on his blinders and charge. He wondered if that was the reason he didn’t get along with Hattori and vice versa.

But he waved off the soccer comment dismissively and shook his head. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard things like that before.

"It’s not a problem. Though it’s a lot more than just chasing a ball around a field, but I’ll let it slide this once since I have just about as much interest in stage magic," he explained, only slightly irked by the comments. Soccer really did mean a lot to him but he also understood that it wasn’t the same for many others. Just like Sherlock Holmes or homicide.

Though it was entirely possible that he was one of a very select few that enjoyed talking about such things while soccer and magic were probably a bit more popular.

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Where We Will Go


She loved to listen to him laugh. Heck, she just loved to listen to him. It seemed odd because once upon a time she’d actually found herself bored to tears as he went on about Sherlock or one of his cases. Now, however, his voice was like music to her ears and she never wanted to stop hearing it. It was a case of never knowing what you missed until it was gone. She was lucky he was back and that made all the difference to her. She smiled to herself at his response. 


"Maybe I do." She challenged him, knowing he was pulling a face at her, even over the phone. She heard it in his voice and stuck her tongue out at him just to counter it. Still, it was banter all in fun and she knew that there was a truth behind her words. She had missed him that much.

"Well, if you are such a great detective, you couldn’t have figured it out sooner," she jabbed at him with a giggle. Her tone became more serious. “Yes, I do want to see you, Shinichi. When do you think you can come here?” She hoped it would be soon as she’d spent too much time just wandering around the apartment being a maid for her Father. She needed a break. 

He just smiled, despite the playful shot at his detective work. Shinichi knew how she was and how much she had always teased him about it. It was just normal for them.

"Did you want me to stop by now? It might take a few minutes to get all the way from Metro but I can probably get there fairly quick." He leaned around the corner and glanced back at the officers going about their work and it looked like there wasn’t anything new to catch his eye. With a sigh, he leaned back and pushed away from the wall to start walking.

"It should be enough time to fix your hair or whatever it is that you do," he teased, pausing before the elevators and making himself comfortable against the wall again, this time leaning on his side.

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[text] i watied

[text] nevnmdin 

[text] ilob yor=u
[text] yowere diffffernet 

[text] iam alays scond 
[text] alwas used

[text] That’s complete bullshit and I’m not letting you play the victim card.

[text] You don’t get to say that you’re the one who waited all that time when you’re the one who left. Yeah, we screwed up. I get it. But you’re still the one that walked away and you had plenty of opportunity to come back.

[text] We care about you just as much so don’t you dare act like we never did.

[text] God, it was such a stupid idea in the first place. But it happened and none of us can change that. I wouldn’t want to anyway. I had so much fun once I got comfortable around you.

[text] But I’m not telling you that I love you when you’re drunk.

[text] I won’t do it. It’s not fair…

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[text] tnen stop tlkgin

[text] yor ggod at thay

[text] …that’s not fair…

[text] That’s not fair and you know it.

[text] …never mind. I deserve that. I’m sorry…

[text] I’ll stop bothering you…

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[text] not your lpace?

[text] its rlealy over isnt it
[text] ire ne
[text] image



[text] You were the one that left and never came back. I thought we already made it clear that you were welcome to come back to us at any time…

[text] God, Hakuba… this is not a conversation I want to have while you’re drunk.

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[text] im sorry
[text] i lknew btter
[text] i go the war oy f romeot for lvei sjut hust sbloody pain lovfesi forthe drmer bt i ghave n o drms elft
[text] mnever evr ever o k

[text] Hakuba, you’re really scaring me right now…

[text] It was stupid to ask if you’re okay when you’re so obviously not.

[text] Listen, I know you’re upset with me but please don’t do anything stupid while you’re drunk. I’ve seen you drunk and this seems really excessive.

[text] It’s not my place to say anything anymore, but I’m seriously worried about you.

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[text] yyou 
[text] arrwae nott holmes
[text] youu
[text] oyu are

[text] irene

[text] addler

[text] I… I guess you can say that?

[text] …you’re drunk aren’t you?

[text] Are you okay?

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// Shinichi probably won’t be online for the remainder of the day. He’s feeling ill and tired, but mostly guilty for something that happened with Hakuba nearly eight months ago.

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